About Paul Blackmore


Born on Cape Cod, but inspired by the natural beauty of The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland at age 18, Paul Blackmore decided to become the fifth generation photographer in his family, with an intent to, “share his vision of the beauty in the world through his lens.” 

Paul has always believed that photographs should be felt, not just seen. Because of this, his wedding photojournalism has been highly noted for its quality to transcend the viewer into the moment -allowing them to connect to it, feel it, and even be a part of it. He is dedicated to capturing significant moments in life that can be cherished forever.

With his energetic, fun, enthusiastic personality, creative vision, and skilled ability at anticipating and reacting to what’s happening, his approach is designed to successfully capture candid, raw, spontaneous moments of love, laughter, and joy. 

His work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines. He’s received many esteemed awards for his photojournalism, teaches photography workshops, and runs a successful wedding photography business.

In his free time, Paul can be found tending to his garden, playing the drums, cooking, and enjoying good food, friends, wine and music.